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Welcome to Pickles and Ice Cream

               This catalog was created to gather all the plus-size maternity fashions I could find into one place so that you could have some choices.  My goal is to provide attractive clothing  for both  work and play at reasonable prices.

                The  manufacturers are beginning to realize that there is a  demand for plus-size maternity and every week I am finding more items.  So I am doing my own photography and website in an effort to quickly share these new offerings with you.
                 Being  plus-size  and   pregnant makes it especially difficult to order clothing without trying it on.  So instead of a size  chart  that only matches one or two of your measurements, I have taken the tape measurement of the fabric in each garment  (in each size)  across the bust (B), around the hips (H),  the  length (L),  and the expanded elastic at the  waist (W).  You will find these  measurements in green blocks beside each item. 
                   Of course, all merchandise in its original condition is returnable for a full refund.   And I reimburse your return shipping!
                    You can now order online  or you can FAX or e-mail your order and then call toll-free with  your credit card number, or mail a check.  Or you can mail or call in your entire order.
                     I hope this on-line catalog makes your maternity shopping easier and I welcome your suggestions for improvement . 
                     Enjoy your pregnancy.
                                                       Carol Ann Tharp
FAX - 407-869-9189
E-mail -  cat@plusmaternity.com
Toll-Free   1-888-44-PICKLES

Casual clothes - tops, slacks, shorts, skirts, bathing suits
  Dressy clothes -- suits, dresses and jumpers
   Nursing bras - up to 50-K, extenders, sleep bras
   Lingerie - panties, pantyhose, support belts
   Nursing clothes - tops and sleepwear
               Nursery Notions             .
     $$$$  Clearance      $$$$


Latest Arrivals
To order, to request a free catalog or to receive e-mail updates, please e-mail cat@plusmaternity.com or call toll-free 1-888-44-PICKLES